The 4 key phases of your banking career

There is an arc to a banking career. Do well and you'll be a vice president by the age of 30, a managing director by the age of…

How to swap jobs in IBD and achieve a simultaneous promotion, or not

Actually, you can still move jobs and get promoted in IBD. It's just a lot harder than it used to be.

How much would your boss pay to stop you leaving?

Times are tight. If you work in banking and you want a pay increase, recruiters say there is really only one way of securing one: you'll need to…

Why banks are full of elites. And what to do if you’re not one of them

If you want to work in banking, you'll need to be socioeconomically superior. And if you're not? Try this.

How to survive as a trader in age of robots

Robots are coming for finance jobs. Here's how to protect yourself.

6 London postcodes that show you’ve made it in banking, and the bankers who live there

Where do successful bankers live in London? A banking spouse reveals the banking tribes that occupy the city's top postcodes.

14 lessons in faking charisma

Charisma is crucial if you want to get ahead in banking. You'll need it to impress clients, colleagues and get through the interview. Here's how to fake it.

How to dress as a banker at 3am

Is your Hugo Boss suit really made to be abused this way?

You must be working for the right bank before you’re 30

Banking career paths have changed. You now need to get into a top bank before you turn into a pumpkin.

6 essential qualities a banker needs in a spouse

What must bankers look for in their wives or husbands? A senior banker's wife offers some advice.

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