The junior banker’s guide to finding an affordable New York City apartment

Despite some of the recent negative rhetoric, finding a first job on Wall Street is a dream come true for many students, particularly for those moving to New…

Cutting pay per head.

Goldman succumbs, cuts pay per head to lowest level for five years

Goldman Sachs has succumbed. Today’s first quarter results reveal that Goldman is now paying its staff less than at any time in the past five years. Compared to…


Coup de sang des conseillers financiers dans une lettre au Président de la République

Le ton est grave. Dans une lettre ouverte envoyée cette semaine au Président de la République, la Chambre Nationale des Conseillers en Investissement Financer (CNIF) réclame « une pause…

New reality for banking pay

BAD NEWS: Morgan Stanley massively increases investment bank’s profits, cuts pay

If you were having doubts that the era of high-paying, free-wheeling, hot-trotting, big-swinging investment bankers is over, Morgan Stanley is here to suppress them. The US investment bank…

When poaching makes sense

Citi’s raid on BAML’s equity derivatives business finally paying off

Remember late 2012/early 2013? All those months ago, Citigroup indulged in some equity derivatives hiring. It recruited Lionel Fournier from Bank of America as its EMEA head of…


Tax day leaves a burr under Wall Street’s saddle

It’s likely been a tough week for Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and hundreds of other higher-ups on Wall Street. And no, not because it’s been a lousy first…

Anshu Jain muss seine Sachen wohl noch nicht packen. (Foto: Getty Images)

Fall Anshu Jain: Was machen, wenn der Aufsichtsrat den eigenen Nachfolger sucht?

Angeblich soll sich der Aufsichtsratschef der Deutschen Bank bereits mit Kandidaten für die Nachfolge von Co-Vorstandschef getroffen haben. Was können Betroffene in einer solchen Situation unternehmen?


Five new hedge funds and private equity firms that may hire you

In the search for new job opportunities it pays to keep an eye on the new companies being launched by former senior investment bankers, traders and hedge fund…

The banking torso

Morning Coffee: BAML hiring juniors in record numbers. Sexiest banker in world displays torso for charity

Bank of America is hiring for its markets division. In the past few months, it’s brought on Michele Foresti from Deutsche as head of its fixed income trading business,…


Ten types of candidates who will always fail to get an expat banking job in Asia

It’s tough to get a banking job in Asia these days unless you already have Asian experience – banks in Hong Kong and Singapore want to hire people…

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