How to excel as an interim manager in the banking sector

If you've just been put in temporary charge of your team, here's how to succeed as an interim manager.

UBS hires more senior coverage bankers

UBS, which has been shaking up its country coverage team, has brought in another three senior investment bankers.

Brevan Howard: Gone Swiss?

Brevan Howard has been moving more senior employees to Geneva from London to escape more onerous regulations. Has the balance of power really shifted?

GASTBEITRAG: Die neue Wirklichkeit bei Beförderungen im Investment Banking

Unser Gastautor von der Cass Business School erläutert, nach welchen Kriterien heute Beförderungen erfolgen.

ZKB reagiert auf schwierigeres Geschäft mit Bonuskürzungen

Die Erträge der Kantonalbank sind im ersten Halbjahr um 9 Prozent auf 989 Mio. Franken abgestürzt.

Morning Coffee: Investment bankers not welcome at Jackson Hole, JPMorgan’s equities hiring spree

The annual conference of central bankers in Jackson Hole has excluded more investment bankers this year.

Seven banking skills you’re bound to need by 2024

We reveal the type of skills and experience you'll need to flourish in a back-office job over the next 10 years.

Tudor Investment Corporation’s co-founder on how to be a great hedge fund trader

Peter Borish co-founded hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation and is now offering advice on how to be a great trader.

Every resume word you’ll ever need

Here is a list of nearly every office-related action word available, separated into sub-sections by both their meaning and by industry.

Goldman opens its wallet to junior bankers, rivals likely to follow suit

First came the work-life balance rules – which seem to be more effective than we first thought – and now an even more important change: pay raises.

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