Barclays just hired this European equities trader from Millennium Capital Partners

Barclays just bolstered its equities team with a hedge fund hire.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ traders, sales, compliance staff all implicated. Why plentiful accounting jobs are unappealing

It's not just traders: sales and compliance also come out looking badly in Barclays' latest scandal. And, why graduates shouldn't become accountants.

Fear of layoffs, relocation, pervades J.P. Morgan’s tech team

Banned from having full profiles on LinkedIn, J.P. Morgan's technology staff are fearful of losing their jobs or being moved to less desirable locations.

Rothschild paid its UK bonuses early this year – in case Ed Miliband won

Rothschild's London bankers got an election-inspired treat.

Morning Coffee: The strange personalities of top M&A bankers and traders. Why young bankers are so boring

What makes senior M&A bankers and traders so special? Skip McGee and Jonathan Hoffman offer some indicators. And young bankers are becoming drones.

Morning Coffee: Bank of America engaged in big equities hiring. How top bankers reward their wives

Bank of America's equities business isn't one the world's leaders. The bank is trying to change that. And, try paying your wife a bonus.

CFA exam prep, the ultimate guide

Want to pass the CFA exams? Here's how existing first time charterholders, CFA coaches and the Institute itself suggest you go about it.

Morning Coffee: How your successful banking career will end. 58 year-old bond trader spies something strange

Successful banking careers end like this. And what would you do if you saw a senior colleague engaged in something nefarious?

Morning Coffee: How your body and mind respond to a decade in trading. Nomura’s retreat

After 10+ years in trading, you'll be a hotshot in a Ferrari. - Not exactly. And Nomura is throwing in the towel here.

The 10 strangest jobs banks are hiring for now

Want to work in executive protection for Goldman Sachs in Russia? How about the night shift at J.P. Morgan in Bangalore?

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