Credit Suisse jobs: what’s safe, what’s not, why you should be worried now

Which Credit Suisse jobs are looking good and which are best avoided at all costs? And is the Swiss investment bank really getting any better?

Morning Coffee: Aspiring bankers pricing real bankers out of homes. Who wants to join JPMorgan’s hot new team?

Rich students who want to be bankers have more money than junior bankers themselves. And JPMorgan's hot new team is not as appealing as it looks.

Morning Coffee: When naïve traders agree to informal bonus formulae. BofA’s big junior hiring won’t benefit interns

Banking bonuses that are paid according to a formula are worth nothing if you don't have them in writing. And BofA is hiring a lot more junior bankers.

Morning Coffee: End of the ex-Goldman banker who hired hundreds, wanted to fire them all. Unnerving calm upsetting traders’ psyches

What happens when an ex-Goldman banker comes along, hires hundreds and then decides it hasn't worked out? And bored traders are fighting on the floors.

Morning Coffee: Where to find 8,500 finance jobs a month. When senior bankers’ sons get summer jobs in banking

Want a job in finance? Fortunately, there are 1000s of finance jobs here. - Or are there? And senior bankers' sons seem to find it easy to get into banking.

Hey! Espírito Santo’s investment bank is in ‘hiring mode’

Espírito Santo is having a few issues, but its investment bank is still hiring. Want to work there?

Morning Coffee: McKinsey’s advice for fixed income traders. How to build an algorithm when you can’t code

If you're a fixed income trader who's wondering how to survive, McKinsey solutions might lengthen your career. And you don't need to code to use an algo.

Quant careers vs. actuarial careers. Which are best?

Are actuarial careers incredibly boring and (comparatively) poorly paid? Are quant careers only for the brave? Maybe.

Morning Coffee: Earnest young bankers snatch last opportunities for inebriation. Compliance hiring overdrive

Compliance professionals are receiving a lot of calls from recruiters. And today's young bankers are boring, say those above them.

5 reasons why you should switch your career in finance to asset management, immediately

Should you migrate your career in finance from banking to asset management? Yes, if you have any sense.

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