This Deutsche Bank job encapsulates the strangeness of contemporary banking

Now that banking isn't just about P&L and that bankers need to think the right thoughts and do the right deeds, banks are hiring experts in psych ops.

The perfect CV for a career in trading

This is the perfect resume for getting a trading job in investment banking

A detailed comparison of pay at BNP Paribas and SocGen

The latest pay reports from BNP Paribas and SocGen confirm that French banks are not the most generous. There are also important differences between them.

How Deloitte are introducing working practices flexible enough for everyone

Agile working practices don't have to be largescale arrangements. Deloitte is trying to make its employees lives a little easier.

The ultimate guide to fast-track career success in banking

Want a better banking job, but don’t want to leave your current bank? Here's how to get onto a high potential programme.

Morning Coffee: Where to work at Credit Suisse in Asia

If you’re looking for a job at Credit Suisse in Asia there may be opportunities beyond wealth management.

Jefferies has been asking about the Blair Witch Project in job interviews

Interviewing at Jefferies? It is wise to develop an opinion on the Blair Witch Project.

Why this could be an ‘easy’ year for getting into at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs just did something very unusual in the first quarter. And it's good news if you want to work there.

Ex-Morgan Stanley banker aims for resilience and meaning in a time of unquantifiable risk

Looking for a finance job that will be enduring and meaningful? Ex-Morgan Stanley and Berenberg banker Andrew McNally thinks he has the solution.

Where the hiring and firing will be on Wall Street in 2015

Where will financial services firms in the US be recruiting this year, and where will the ax fall?

Half of DBS jobs now outside Singapore as bank ramps up regional recruitment

Looking for DBS jobs? You should search right across Asia, not just in Singapore.

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