Are regulators the biggest fat cats on Wall Street?

The war has been going on for decades, though the fight is just now heating up. It’s bankers versus regulators: a classic case of the rich against the…slightly…


ACA, ACCA, CIMA or CIPFA: Which pays the most for part-qualified accountants?

If you want to earn your stripes as an accountant, most qualifications require a minimum of three years’ work experience. This is fine if your employer is willing…

Meanwhile, in Acapulco

Morning Coffee: So, Citigroup will be hiring here. The horror of holidaying with a trader

Yesterday was Citigroup’s first quarter fixed income investor review. After failing the recent Federal Reserve Stress Test, Citi said it’s too complicated and needs to simplify itself. After

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Hong Kong investment banks bemoan “worrying” junior talent shortage

If you’re a junior banker at an investment bank in Hong Kong, consider yourself hot property for the rest of this year. Banks in the territory are facing…


Ten interview questions you’ll need to answer if you want to work in equities

The slow death of fixed income trading over the last three quarters has forced banks to recalibrate their focus on units that can actually make them money. Equities,…

All good for Morgan Stanley

Why Morgan Stanley owes its fixed income success to climate change

If your seasonal chocolate stupor started on Thursday, you might have missed Morgan Stanley’s results. You might still think Morgan Stanley is a failure at fixed income sales and…

RBS Announces A £1.1 Billion Half Year Profit

RBS contractors have four to days accept 10% pay cut, or quit

Royal Bank of Scotland has implemented another 10% rate cut for thousands of contractors globally, announcing the move on Thursday – the day before the long Easter weekend.…

Raining money in the middle office

Forty ‘easy’ banking jobs that pay £100k+ salaries after 5 years

It’s the Holy Grail: a job in banking in which you won’t have to work yourself half to death but you can still earn a six figure salary…


Mid-level bankers crushed by fear of layoffs

Following the untimely death of a Bank of America intern, banks have concentrated much of their efforts over the last year on improving the work conditions of junior…

Modern house with foreclosure sign

Citi’s ex-hedge fund unit hires securitisation star

Napier Park Capital, Citi’s former hedge fund unit, has made its first UK-based hire for nearly two years with Maxine Malaure, a senior securitisation specialist, joining the firm…

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