Senior commodities duo exit Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has lost more senior staff as it winds down its commodities business.

Credit Suisse jobs: what’s safe, what’s not, why you should be worried now

Which Credit Suisse jobs are looking good and which are best avoided at all costs? And is the Swiss investment bank really getting any better?

Morning Coffee: Aspiring bankers pricing real bankers out of homes. Who wants to join JPMorgan’s hot new team?

Rich students who want to be bankers have more money than junior bankers themselves. And JPMorgan's hot new team is not as appealing as it looks.

Hong Kong finance professionals threaten resignation in push for pay rises, promotions

More than a fifth of finance professionals (22%) in Hong Kong have handed in their resignation without a new job offer in a bid to get a pay rise or promotion.

UBS stands accused of eradicating senior bankers, replacing them with juniors

UBS redundancies are allegedly gathering pace, with senior staff first for the chop. Is the bank 'downgrading' - replacing senior staff with junior ones?

BofA cranking up junior hiring plans; Big Four adding consultants

In the latest hiring roundup, Bank of America is adding analysts, BlueCrest is opening a new office and two Big Four firms are growing their advisory units.

Four strange and exciting job opportunities in the Middle East financial sector

The Middle East is known for offering conventional job opportunities for bankers. Here, though, are some off the beaten track.

Morgan Stanley saying ‘yes’ to commodities trading

With other competitors retreating, Morgan Stanley is planning to ramp up its commodities trading unit in the U.S.

Banker’s dilemma: “I haven’t had a pay rise for 4 years and my only alternative job offer won’t pay the mortgage”

What can you do when you're on a £170k salary, you can't get a pay rise and no one will match it?

28 places to live in the UK if you want to rub shoulders with successful financiers

Where should high earning financiers want to live in the UK?

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