Nine people you need to know if you want a job in investment banking technology

Technology is at the forefront of investment banks' recruitment plans. Here are the people you need to know at the top of the tree.

MBA or Masters in Finance? That depends upon your age and location

You want a job in banking. Should you invest in an MBA or a Masters in Finance? That depends upon your age and where you want to work.

Dartmouth Partners 2014 Analyst Bonus Survey: Bonuses Increase for IBD Juniors

Junior banking pay is rising. A new bonus survey from Dartmouth Partners suggests first year analysts have had big bonus increases.

Where in the world you are most likely to get a front office banking job as a woman

Women are in the minority in every single front office position, but where are they most likely to find employment?

Morning Coffee: Barclays treats traders like naughty children. M&A hiring erupts

Barclays traders are having their special privileges taken away. And there has been a sudden outburst of senior M&A recruitment.

Young finance professionals in Hong Kong and Singapore overwhelmed by rapid promotions

Talent shortages leading to rapid promotions mean finance professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong are struggling to manage older subordinates.

Upper middle class families more likely to produce bankers

If you want to work in banking, it helps to be at least middle class .

Age is more than just a number, especially when it’s over 40

Unlike years ago, when people were pushed out of the industry in their fifties and sixties, the guillotine is now falling on middle-aged bankers.

Don’t look, but your co-worker may be a secret government informant

The old reactionary way of dealing with crimes on Wall Street appears to be ending.

Perfect profiles for careers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche and others

What kinds of people really occupy jobs at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and elsewhere? We've looked at our resume database and pulled out some answers.

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