Deutsche, Goldman, Barclays, CS – which bank is best when you’re a junior in IBD?

You're an analyst in investment banking? So do you want to work for Deutsche, which has sector teams, or Barclays, which doesn't?

The 20 top life hacks of successful bankers

How can you work in investment banking and have a life? A large selection of bankers told us how it's done.

How private equity firms are poaching from banks in China

China's PE sector is booming. People are moving from foreign banks to PEs. While the moving comes with many benefits, money-making is never guaranteed.

Ex-Morgan Stanley banker aims for resilience and meaning in a time of unquantifiable risk

Looking for a finance job that will be enduring and meaningful? Ex-Morgan Stanley and Berenberg banker Andrew McNally thinks he has the solution.

This is what J.P. Morgan’s results say about your banking job in 2015

J.P. Morgan just released its results for the first quarter of 2015. They are mostly saying good things, but there's a little badness mixed in.

Are these the only three banks that are safe to work for in Asian M&A?

Only the top banks in Asian M&A are profitable. Only the top six break even. Joining others could be dangerous.

Top investment banks where people stick around. Top investment banks where they don’t

Which investment banks have hired most of their people in the past five years? And which have a lot of old-timers? You'd be surprised. We were.

Working for PWC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG. What’s the difference?

Big Four accounting firms are all the same. Or are they? The variations are not always subtle.

“Why we quit IBD at J.P. Morgan after two years”

J.P. Morgan is the top bank globally for IBD. So, if you've achieved a place as an associate, why would you leave again after two years?

How middle-aged bankers are cut adrift in China

When bankers reach 35 in China without hitting the senior ranks, they face the choice of stagnation or quitting.

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