Ex Barclays bankers cling to giant job titles of their past

What happens when you lose your job in an investment bank? And what happens if it was a really important job in an investment bank and you’re now…

Barclays’ strategy backfires as role-based pay hits £111k per head

Do you want to work for Barclays now? Things don't seem to be going to plan, but you can collect some generous role-based pay.

Morning Coffee: How to walk into a job at JPMorgan. Ex-Citi exec complains of lewd photocopies

Which kinds of people will find it easiest to get work at JPMorgan now? And one ex-Citi and BAML banker has disclosed poor behaviour from her colleagues.

Banks’ weird hierarchies: what analysts, associates, VPs, MDs do really

So you want to work in an investment bank? What is an analyst, associate, VP and MD exactly?

Veteran traders ready to feel superior post-POMO

Are traders hired since 2008 about to find themselves at a disadvantage?

Deutsche Bank says its big salary increases are becoming burdensome

Deutsche Bank has increased salaries for its senior investment bankers. Back in April, the German bank said it was hiking salaries for 1,700 of its highest earners by…

Morning Coffee: Why ex-Goldman bankers are joining Deutsche. UBS hiring here

Is Deutsche Bank becoming the destination of choice for bankers who are leaving Goldman Sachs? And who will UBS be hiring in 2015?

Banking CV Clinic: “I’ve got outstanding academic qualifications. Can I get a summer internship?”

Is this CV really good enough to get a summer internship in an investment bank? See what the experts think

UBS’s pay increase looks a little outrageous in the circumstances

Why has UBS hiked pay for its investment bankers when they're costing the bank billions in fines?

Beyond the CFA and MBA: 13 other qualifications for jobs in banking

You want to break into banking. Do you really need to study the CFA or MBA to achieve that?

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