So, what makes an investment banker?

You want to get a job as an investment banker? Which skills and characteristics do you need? We have an infographic with the answers.

Morning Coffee: How a 29 year-old got fired from Goldman Sachs after 2 months. Fixed income doom at BNP Paribas?

You’re 29 years old and you achieve your ‘dream job’ at Goldman Sachs in New York. Two months later it’s all over and your name is splurged across…

How sales jobs in investment banks fell out of fashion

Now is probably not the time to hold a traditional voice sales job in an investment bank.

What can you do now to pass CFA Level I? How to pass Level III? The Institute speaks

You want to get through the CFA exams. This is what the CFA Institute's co-lead of education suggests if you want to pass CFA I and III.

So who’s left Citi’s markets business exactly?

Citi has been cutting jobs from its markets business. But who's gone?

Morning Coffee: A philosophical hedge fund legend reflects. The pain of FX traders

Macro hedge fund managers may not be having a good year, but they still make good interviewees. Moneyweek has managed to secure a three interview series with Hugh…

Meet the new members of Deutsche Bank’s analyst class. What makes them special?

As part of our ongoing series scrutinizing the sorts of people who achieve the highly sought-after positions on banks’ graduate programmes, we’ve looked at Deutsche Bank’s analyst class…

Goldman’s new effort to cut junior bankers’ workload?

Junior bankers work hard. However, banks like Goldman Sachs are doing their best to reduce their working hours.

Which other jobs pay as much as investment banking?

You want a career change out of investment banking. Where else can you earn that sort of money?

Morning Coffee: Andrea Orcel seeking insomniacs for jobs at UBS. Goldman Sachs hiring here

Want to work all night? Try UBS. And here's where Goldman is hiring in Europe.

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