Morning Coffee: Orcel’s UBS shakeup gets nasty. Trader makes £200k gambling on Scottish vote

Andrea Orcel's latest shakeup at UBS marks a comeback for the Deutsche traders who lost out after Kweku Adoboli. And gambling works, sometimes.

This is how much you should earn as an investment banker in your 30s

What's the average investment banker salary and bonus for someone in their 30s? And does it really make sense to quit aged 25?

Will a STEM degree get you a job in finance?

Should you study a STEM subject if you want to work in finance?

Study confirms big pay drop for all who leave finance, finds finance professionals are more intelligent

Thinking of a career change out of finance? Think again.

Morning Coffee: Nomura needs to hire VPs to convert to MDs. How hedge fund jobs became boring

Are you a mid-ranking banker looking for a break? Try joining Nomura. Separately, hedge fund jobs have less and less going for them.

Most bankers believe in God

People who work in banking are a less irreligious bunch than you might think.

The top 20 universities globally for getting a job in finance

Which are the top universities for finance careers? You'd be surprised: a new ranking suggests they're not all the usual suspects.

Why you wouldn’t want to be an overworked, underpaid M&A professional elsewhere in Europe. Redux

Banking pay in Europe is much lower than in London, but bankers on the continent still have to work just as hard. Where would you rather be?

Morning Coffee: Google applications crush applications to Goldman Sachs. Where to get a £268k bonus

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been trounced as the most popular places to work. And which banking job will pay you the highest bonus?

But what about Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan in Glasgow?

What happens to JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley's big Scottish operations if the vote is 'Yes'?

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