Why SocGen and UBS contain the most talented traders

The traders best suited to the new world order work for SocGen and UBS. Here's why.

How tech is helping fund managers battle the robots

Forget the argument of computers replacing human fund managers - the new trend is technology helping people find their edge again.

Morning Coffee: Fintech is the new hedge funds. Why Deutsche Bank won’t become Goldman Sachs

Back in the day (2010), the road to glory involved leaving an investment bank and setting up your own a hedge fund - preferably with your previous employer…

How one senior Deloitte partner juggles two jobs and two children

Emma Codd has twin daughters and juggles two senior roles at Deloitte. Agile working is essential for her career, but she believes that her arrangements should not be the exception.

Warning: You must now be a top-10% performer to get a banking job in Hong Kong or Singapore

Clinching banking jobs in Hong Kong or Singapore is getting harder. As hiring slows, banks are rejecting candidates who aren't elite performers.

Big upswing in banking recruitment as RMB goes global

The internationalization of the RMB is creating offshore banking jobs.

Lazard’s London office hasn’t promoted any MDs since 2012. Here’s why

Does it make sense not to promote anyone to MD for three years running? Yes, according to Lazard.

These are the top banks for IBD, by sector

The top banks in IBD are well known. But which banks should you be aiming for now in FIG, healthcare, or industrials?

How to get into Goldman Sachs, JPM and Credit Suisse if you haven’t worked for 5 years

Desperate for talent, investment banks are expanding their programs for people who've taken long career breaks.

The only people hedge funds want to hire right now

Hedge funds are hiring again, but are being very selective with who they take on. These are the roles they're struggling to recruit for.

The best banks for IBD if you want to earn without over-working

New figures suggest some banks will work you hard on M&A deals without paying you commensurately. Others won't work you hard at all, but pay nonetheless.

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