BNY Mellon Asia wealth boss explains why he’s hiring in Hong Kong

Chuck Long, head of wealth for Greater China at BNY Mellon, tells us about the skills you need to forge a successful career at his firm in Hong Kong.

How this man made the executive board of HSBC aged just 30

Is consulting a good route into banking? Yes, says this man who used his consulting knowledge as a fast-track to banking promotions.

Regulators offering high pay and career progression to private equity professionals

Private equity professionals are being lured across to financial regulators, supposedly for higher pay.

How to handle it when they try to edge you out (before bonuses)

It's the end of the year and your finance job is under threat. What do you do next?

Goldman Sachs MD joins ex-colleagues at distressed debt hedge fund

Another senior trader at Goldman Sachs has departed for the buy-side, joining former colleagues at Gladwyne Investments.

Morning Coffee: Why investment banking is the best career for young people. MBAs complain about their schools

Investment banking pays less than it used to. It’s less prestigious than it was. And it still involves long hours. – But it’s the best career path for…

Singaporean finance professionals risk burnout by refusing to switch off on vacation

Only 19% of finance professionals in Singapore spend their annual leave completely free from work-related calls and emails, says new eFinancialCareers poll.

How to justify your finance career to leftist relatives, by Deutsche Bank

If you’re in the US, the coming days will be spent in the company relatives, some of whom may not be totally approving of your red-blooded capitalistic career…

Citi seems to be hiring juniors, losing senior staff

Is Citi letting go of junior bankers just before bonus time (and hiring some juniors in)? If so, it wouldn't be the first time.

10 ways to break into banking in your 30s

Can you achieve a career change into banking when you're more than 30 years old. Yes, if you follow this advice.

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