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intern diary 4

Diary of an IBD intern: Intern interest in banking careers is actually quite low

This week was so quiet for so long, and then it all blew up. It began as the last ended, with a few early finishes and quiet days.…

Goldman Sachs

How to Get an Internship at Goldman Sachs and Turn It Into a Full-Time Offer

Getting an internship at Goldman Sachs is no easy task. This year, roughly 17,000 people applied for its investment banking summer internship program, according to Chief Operating Officer…

intern diary 4

Diary of an IBD intern: There is a strange, upbeat, mood on the desk

This week I’m definitely beginning to feel more settled at the bank and in my team. The day-to-day work routine is kind of starting to lose its gloss;…


Brutally Honest Advice for Wall Street Interns

We’re in the heart of intern season, which means thousands of bright-eyed college and graduate students are putting in the hours, setting themselves up for long distinctive careers…

Relentless rather than intelligent

Diary of an IBD intern: Intelligence is a subsidiary requirement in investment banking

Monday 9PM. Tuesday 12AM. Wednesday 3AM. Thursday 4AM. Friday 11PM. Saturday 1PM. Sunday, lots of sleep. The first thing I’ve learnt this week is that bankers really do…


Diary of a back office intern: We have been given tips on how to avoid banker bashing

After countless applications, telephone interviews, competency questions, strength-based interviews, group exercises, presentations, and assessment centres, I landed an internship at one of the world’s t

It's possible if you can handle even the boring tasks well

Interns never do anything meaningful, but acing boring tasks can land you a banking job

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’ll be spending the evening working. Working on a weekend certainly doesn’t mean I’m inefficient from Monday to Friday. Neither does it mean…


What Whistleblower Greg Smith Says about Life as a Goldman Sachs Intern

Goldman Sachs likes to portray its internships as a happy time where students can acquaint themselves with the machinations of the bank, indulge in wholesome team-building activities and…

Welcome to the club, or not (Photo credit: s_falkow)

SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: The internship is over. I have found out whether my strategy for getting a graduate offer worked

Unbelievably, the internship is over. It’s a strange feeling. Despite feeling like I have worked here for years, it also seems to have gone very quickly. I started…

Desperate men...and women (Photo credit: Jim Barker)

SECRET DIARY OF A MARKETS INTERN: Desperate interns have begun working weekends

Having ended last week with a mountain to climb, I had to come in on Sunday to finish my project. I came in around 3pm, hoping it would…

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