Festive Distillation: £125k bonuses in the back office. Hard times at RBS. M&A bankers compelled to work harder than ever

It's Christmas ('holidays' if you're in the US). We've been operating a buffet-style operation (a little bit here, a little bit there), since Monday and won't emerge from the…

How LSE student Haydn Pole landed 11 finance internships

Is there a technique for getting internships in finance? This student says there is.

Here’s who’s been hiring in high yield. Are they making a big mistake?

High yield markets have fallen off a cliff. But banks are still hiring. Is that a mistake?

Morning Coffee: The surname that will get you a job at Goldman Sachs? US bank hiring credit traders in London

Which family name will get you an 'in' with Goldman Sachs? And a US bank has come forward to recruit the traders leaving Deutsche Bank.

Banking interview questions answered – do you want to trade equities, or bonds?

You're sitting in a banking interview and someone asks you whether you want to trade equities or bonds. What do you say?

Morning Coffee: What Citi and Bank of America really said about banking jobs yesterday. When to move and forego your bonus

Citi and BofA have confirmed the established wisdom: traders are being squeezed by the love lavished on risk and compliance professionals.

Rule no. 1 for junior bankers: Never start as an associate when you can start as an analyst

Junior bankers are falling into this trap at the start of their careers. It could leave them out of work when markets turn.

High paying US high frequency trading firms now hiring juniors in London

Want a high paying job in high frequency trading? Here's who's hiring juniors.

5 things finance recruiters secretly wish you’d say in interviews

What can you say in a finance interview to transform your chances of receiving a job offer? Try this.

Deutsche Bank’s end of year trading cull

Deutsche Bank may be making some unexpected end of year hires. But it's also making some entirely predictable end of year layoffs. Headhunters in London say Deutsche has got…

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